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Ein Beitrag von Veronika Moser über 2 Monate selbstorganisierten Protest, über Solidarisierung in Linz und darüber, wie die Bewegung weiter unterstützt werden kann. / Susanne Moser reporting on 2 months of self-organized protest, on solidarity in Linz and on ways to further support the movement.

State award winner among the refugees in the Votive Church – Peter Waterhouse on the protest / Lo scrittore Peter Waterhouse visita i profughi nella Votivkirche – ecco le sue opinioni / Staatspreisträger unter den Geflüchteten in der Votivkirche – Peter Waterhouse über den Protest

Peter Waterhouse, state award winner and member of the Austrian Art Senate, spent the night in the Votive Church. “All in all, I find the reports and speeches, the reflection on refugees in Austria to be overly shaped by discrimination and more clearly actually by discredit.”

Dichiarazione Internazionale di Solidarietà

I migranti contestano il regime autoritario dei confini e le politiche delle migrazioni dell’Europa e degli altri Stati membri.

Das Camp wenige Stunden vor seiner gewaltsamen Räumung.

Fotostrecke #3 Camp, 27.12.

Refugee Protest Camp in Vienna was evicted from the park on December 28th, early in the morning, after 34 days. These pictures show the camp only a few hours before the eviction.