Solidarity with refugee movement in Munich, 01.07., 11:00 // Solidarität mit Flüchtlingsprotesten in München, 01.07, ab 11 Uhr

Stop repression and police brutaliy against refugee movement – protest against the eviction of the hunger- and thirststriking refugees in Munich! Rise up in solidarity with the refugees’ demand for receiving Asylum! Politicians and authorities, stop playing with the lives of refugees! Protest at german embassy in Vienna: Monday, 1st of July, at 11 pm, […]

Solidarische Grüße aus Berlin

Unterstützungserklärung aus Deutschland: “Bewegung auf Straßen braucht praktische Solidarität auf Straßen” / Support from Germany: “The Streets are Right Place to Fight For the Suppressed”

The coordinating committee of Germany-wide refugees’ strike sends solidary greetings to the refugee strikers in Vienna.