Ralley in front of the German Embassy in Vienna in solidarity with the hungerstriking non-citizens in Berlin.

Ralley in solidarity with the hungerstriking non-citizens in
Berlin in front of the German Embassy in Vienna.
Wednesday 16/10/2013, 2 pm
Metternichgasse 3
(close to U4 Stadtpark. exit ‘Salesianergasse’, then turn left in
‘strohgasse’ or take tram 71 to ‘Unteres Belvedere’ follow the ‘Rennweg’ then turn left into ‘Metternichgasse’ )

Since the 9th of october about 30 non-citizens are hungerstriking in front
of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. Since 2 days they are also refusing
to drink until their demand for papers is fulfilled.
Today (15 of october) already 9 people had a breakdown, they refuse
injections and try to come back from hospital as soon as possible to
continue their struggle.
How many harmed people does it need to make the German politicians listen
to the non-citizens?
German government is responsable for the life of these people like
european governments are responsable for the deaths of lampedusa.
Direct action is needed! If german police wants to evict the striking
non-citizens from Pariser Platz in Berlin it is only to try to keep up a
false picture of a democratic and human Germany/Europe.

Let’s show presence, solidarity and unity!
The manifestation is registered. Bring banners and megaphones.
Spread the word.

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