Solidarity with the (dry) hunger striking Non-Citizens at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin!

After 5 days of hungerstriking in Berlin, during which the government ignored them, today our brothers and sisters decided to take their struggle for freedom one step further: they are now in dry hungerstrike.

We, the refugees from the refugee protest in Vienna, want to comunicate that we stand on your side. In this moment we share your pain. We declare our deepest solidarity with the non-citizens in dry hungerstrike and demand that their voices should be heard immediately. The german government – like the austrian authorities – and their european border system is the direct responsable for thousands of people suffering and dying from the results of neo-colonial politics.

No matter if we are one or two or a thousand on the streets, we will continue to raise our voices and shout for equality. We are all part of one struggle!

“Her wo insan – insan nahi hai jo dosrai insan kai gham our dokh mai sharik na ho.”


more informations about the refugeestruggle in Berlin