Forum on refugee and migrant struggles


forum on refugee and migrant protests

*>>> Day 1 <<>> Day 2 <<<*

*Saturday, 28. 9., 11:00 – 19:00 *

Serviten Monastery, Müllnergasse 6, 1090 Vienna

*Towards a Common Language, Common Claims and Common Space: *

*Forms of Refugee and Migrant Resistance. *

Presentations and discussions on transnational organization, publicity and
demands, followed by workshops.

*11:00-14:00, Presentations and Discussions*

*• On Organization:*

The Worldhouse, a center for undocumented migrants in Amsterdam develops
forms of activism which combine support and visibility. The passport of
Amsterdam, a booklet including the rights and services concerning
undocumented inhabitants of Amsterdam is one example of this approach.
Another approach is given by the Dutch Labour Union who accepts
undocumented cleaners as members and activists for their campaign “Schoon
Genoeg”, too. *Presentation by Evelyn Schwarz, Worldhouse, Amsterdam.*


*• On Publicity and Media*

Which strategies have been used to reach visibility? Which media have been
used or newly created by different movements? Has visibility in mainstream
media and in society in general been a goal, and, if yes, how has it been
reached? Which forms of action have we used to show our resistance in the
streets? *Presentation by activists from Copenhagen (DK) from the Kirkeasyl
protests (2009) and the current campaign “Her Er Plads”. *


*• Demands to the EU*

In June 2014, elections to the EU Parliament will take place. Many of the
demands of refugee movements address the EU level, e.g. with regard to
Dublin II/III regulations. The refugee movement in Berlin has started to
collect these demands as a preparation for a campaign within the framework
of the European Parliament elections. *Presentation and discussion.*

*15:00-19:00, Workshops*

*• Towards Common Language (Publicity)*

We are surrounded by structural violence that attacks human dignity each
day, the new Goliath. But our strength is our weakness. We will
collectively use our bodies through simple theatrical techniques of human
statues and comics, preparing to defeat Goliath. Against Goliath is a
technique of the Theater of Hearing (Teatro de la Escucha). Born 20 years
ago in Spain, its roots are in the Pedagogy and the Theater of the
Oppresssed, non-violence struggles and many different social and
political theaters from all over the world. *Workshop lead by Zuzanna
Gawron (PL)*

* *

***• Towards Common Claims (Demands)*

On the base of hitherto work by the refugee movement in Berlin we shall
collect transnational demands to be addressed to the European Parliament
and search for adequate forms for a campaign in the run-up to the European
elections 2014. *Lead by Monika Mokre (A).*


*• Towards Common Space (Organization)*

Participants come together for an open debate on achievements and failures
of refugee movements and migrant struggles. We want to share our practices
and learn from each other; discuss relationships between Citizens and
Non-Citizens, refugees and supporters in the movements; improve our local
strategies and think of developing transnational tools for future steps. *Lead
by Evelyn Schwarz (NL) and Somah Ibrahimi (AF).*

*The three workshops will take place in parallel. ***

*Register until 27th September indicating which workshop you would like to
attend: ***

*>>> Day 3 <<< *

*Sunday, 29. 9., 11:00 – 15:00 *

Afro Asian Institute, Türkenstrasse 3, 1090 Vienna

Main Hall- Ground Floor

*Open plenary debate on future steps *

*followed by a public action*


*All inputs and discussions **will be held in English. *


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