Letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

On behalf of the Refugee Protest Camp Vienna, Klaus Werber-Lobo (from the Green Party) handed over a letter written by the refugees to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the Vienna City Hall.

“Dear General Secretary,

First of all, we refugees of the Serviten monastery would like to welcome you to the beautiful city of Vienna!
We, refugees from Pakistan and other countries, are currently applying for asylum in Austria and need your help in order to be protected deportation to our home countries, where we would face persecution and maybe death. (…) Our situation now its very insecure, we are holding strong together, as we said this letter is an appeal to you as protector of the Geneva Convention, as represantative of the International Community and as an expert on the actual situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan – and as human being that cares for other human being no matter where they come from. We appeal very strongly for a public statement on behalf of International human rights to be fulfilled also in this beautiful country of Austria with so many people that show solidarity to us.”