Report from detention center Nyirbator/Hungary where also J., one of the activists from the Protest Camp Vienna, had been deported to

Last week some supporters visited J., one of the refugee activists from the Protest Camp Vienna who had been deported to Hungary on 29/07/2013. During their visit, they could also talk to a few other arrested people in the prison. The refugees there had stopped the hunger strike one week ago, because they had been threatened with the prolongation of their arrest for many more months and the deportation to Serbia. 30 of the hunger strikers already had been brought to another even worse prison or deported to Serbia, the other 30 still are in Nyirbator.
The conditions are still the same, the imprisoned refugees get very bad food and water, not enough soap to wash, they do not have the possibility of doing any sports or movements, and there is no sufficient medical aid. There is a doctor, but obviously he gives the same pharmaceutics for every illness and does not give any information what medicine it is. (There just was a scandal in another immigration jail, because they give sedativa and tell the refugees that it is for their medical problems.)
The supporters tried to bring some medicine, vitamins and herbs to J., who suffers
from strong diarrhea, already has yellow eyes and just 60 kg now, but they would not allow it since only the doctor is allowed to give medical aid. The supporters asked for the name of the medicine, but they told them that this was not their concern because they are not medical doctors.
The arrested refugees do not get any information about their status, their possibilities or how long they have to stay there and what will happen afterwards.
At least in the worst case – as people from the Helsinki-committee had told the supporters – they can arrest refugees 18 months, then they can set them on the street.
There was a lot of interest of other arrested refugees to talk with the supporters and the supporters visited three other people, too and talked with others through the windows (standing on the public street in front of the prison) – what caused problems with the police there. But during these short talks the supporters found out, that also some teenagers of 16 years had been arrested (Helsinki-committee will take care of it) and an older man with severe heart-problems whom they deny medical help. The supporters are afraid, that this could have some negative consequences for the arrested – especially for J. who said at the end through the window, that the social worker just after this start to give him troubles.