Letter to the president of Austria to stop the deportations immediately!

Wien, 28.07.2013
Dear Mister President

we contact you, because 8 of us, the refugees from the Serviten monastery, are facing deportation to Pakistan on 28th of July.
The situation is very dangerous now: we urgently need your help in order to prevent violations of human rights, if the deportation is not stopped immediately. Please stop this human rights violation.

Political statements of all of the refugees from the Protest Camp Vienna have been spread in international media, also through the embassy. Most individuals arrested are also vulnerable because they are suffering severe kinds of trauma. Like us, the lives of all people who critizised the government are in danger in Pakistan. No refugee should be deported to a country, where he´ll get arrested, face torture, politically motivated punishments and mortal risk.

How can we be deported to another region (so called “Innerstaatliche Fluchtalternative“) in a country where terror and attacks cause deaths and injuries every day and where there is even a travel warning for Austrians from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Our struggle for human rights must not be sanctioned!

Dear Mr. President, you´re responsible for Austrian values, Human Rights including dignity of human persons. Austria as a democratic country has a key role in mediating and peacebuilding and is bound to the international law of Non-Refoulement.

We have started a dialogue with you and the other decision makers of this country half a year ago. According to the new developments at Serviten Monastery (Serviteng. 6, 1090 Wien), we come to your competence:

Stop all deportations to Pakistan to prevent human rights violations that we will face in case of deportation.

We trust that you will take all necessary steps to protect our lives and stop the deportations tomorrow, Mr. President!

In the name of the Refugee movement
we sign

Shahjahan Khan
Numan Mahamad
Khan Adalat